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Do you have a problem and aren't sure how to fix it?

What would it look like if you had a personal problem solver on hand that you could always call - and who just might be able to fix whatever you were dealing with?

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Philipp Jacobius is
The Guy  You Call
Calls/Messengers: +49 178 147 0191

Supply Chain Master, Jungle Explorer, Project Manager, Operational Advisor, Process Expert, Experience Designer, Luxury Car Relocator, Logistics Wizard, Regeneration Advocate, Event Producer, Entrepreneurial Coach, Agricultural Innovator, Digital Nomad, Travel Coordinator, Globally Local World Citizen and Resident of Fourteen Countries (so far)...

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"I want to host an event in a Polish castle and need a producer!"

"I am creating an agri-retreat in Ecuador, and need assistance."

"I need someone to plan a unique trip around Europe for me."

 want to outsource our administrative hassles in Estonia."

"I need a leader for an 8,000 km road trip across Africa."

"I want to understand taxes for digital nomads better."

These are the kind of calls that Phil gets

He is a master of both idea and execution.

And if it turns out that he can't do it himself...

... then he's probably got a guy who can!

Phil isn't cheap, but he is an expert at getting the job done.

Here are three ways to work with him.


Do you want a phone number you can call, and someone who solves problems on the other end?

Then sign up for a monthly subscription of 200€, which includes two hours of virtual assistance.

(+150€ for each additional hour)


Do you want your company to have a veteran, who never panis, they can call when they need to?

A company support package costs you 1000€/month and buys you five hours of virtual support.

(+100€ for each additional hour)


Do you want your event to have a producer who has seen it all and done it all before?

An event producer role is always negotiated on a case-by-case basis, but is often a lump sum, or a starting fee plus a percentage of the event budget.

Oh, and did we mention that he is fluent in English, German and Spanish and moved to Colombia for three months to learn how to dance salsa?

Some of the organisations Phil has worked with in the past


"His attention to detail, his cheerful attitude, and his ability to adapt on the fly were very impressive; as an event organizer myself I know how hard it can be."

- Cassandra Many -
International Program Manager,
weGrow International

"He has the efficient soul of a German, the kind heart of a South American Abuela and the broad smile of a Russian, who is about to offer you a drink of vodka."

- Jens Heitland -
Former Global Head of Innovation
IKEA Centres


"He knows when to ask the right questions and he also knows when to say nothing at all."

- Anonymous Client -
Details under strict NDA

Is your problem next?
+49 178 147 0191


And if you're wondering why this website talks about Phil in the third person, and seems like it was made by someone else, the answer is simple.

Of course he's got a guy for that...

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